about us

Dudley Borough Interfaith Network is a registered charity, working with and alongside faith communities in Dudley Borough.  We support faith communities in building better understanding with each other and with the wider community, and increasing interaction and joint action in our local communities.

Interfaith simply means ‘between faiths’.  We come together, respecting our diverse beliefs and practices, as well as valuing that which we have in common. Increasingly our projects aim to support faith communities in interacting with the wider community, both to build awareness, and to harness the activities of our congregations for the benefit of our neighbourhoods.

It’s often said we’re not so much about faith, as we are about people.  In fact we’re about both.  Our members seek to build bridges, because of their beliefs that we should all be peace makers, that we should all add to our community rather than delegate responsibility elsewhere.

The Dudley Council of Faiths has existed since 1981, with informal activity since at least 1975, and developed into the Interfaith Network in 2001.  We are a registered charity, (Charity number 1169143).  Our executive body is comprised of nominated members of various faiths.

You can sign-up to receive news and information on our Contact page, or you can call for a chat our Development Officer on 01384 267 415.  You can also sign up to activity updates by going to our Latest News page.

We are currently awaiting the appointment of a new Network Development Officer. The Network is based at Dudley CVS, and works closely in partnership with CVS staff.

The Interfaith Network is a member of Dudley CVS, is affiliated to the Interfaith Network UK, the West Midlands Faiths Forum, and is a founder member of the Black Country Faiths Cabinet.

The new Constitution : DBIN is a registered charity with its own constitution. Please click here to view it.